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Many centuries ago, the humans - already spreading slowly and meticulously through space - discovered a Wormhole.  Any object passing through the Wormhole would re-appear, instantly, light-years away in an uncharted sector of space. On the other end of the Wormhole was a paradise: a large cluster of planets teeming with resources, all quite like Earth.

A home away from home.

It wasn't long before the different planets back home began colonizing  these new worlds. Over time, anybody with the cash went through, taking their infrastructure with them.

Not you, though. You’re one of the teeming masses, stuck at the old homestead, hanging out with Sol.

On the bright side, the rich people left all their junk behind.


Trash Planet is a simple, lightweight game of radical crafting in a post-industrial world. It features grimsical creatures and setting, easy mechanics, and plenty of ways to get into trouble! The gameplay loop is simple and satisfying: get into trouble looking for useful objects, and use your objects to try to get out of trouble. The best part is a mechanic for escalation: get what you want, but only by complicating things for everyone! The next print of Trash Planet! is in the works, but in the meantime, enjoy this silly, fun little game in it's original, DIY state. 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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